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sports and movement

Due to the importance of Germany in international sports (Olympics, Football, Handball), we chose the topic “Sports and movements” even in historical but also in political way. This underlines the fact that Germany has got a leading role in environmental activist movements, or the cooperation of France and Germany as the “motor” of Europe.

The topic “Sports and movements” has a great influence on the topics chosen by the other schools, likewise, Germany is equally affected by them. Furthermore sports support a feeling of solidarity among the European countries.

At our first working trip to France the students of the group “Sports & Movement” started to create a timeline that compares special facts about the four Comenius countries. It contains several political and historical events but also things like the Eurovision Song Contest or the Europe / World championship.
Besides several students of the other countries present sports that are typical for their countries and displayed it later on posters.

In Sweden we started to create the “Comenius-Flashmob”. This means that we started to create choreography to a Swedish song that the students had to learn together. In Spain the Flashmob got expanded with a Spanish song and new dancing moves. So it is to be completed by the end of the the whole Comenius journey.

The final completed Flashmob with the last parts to the French song and the German one was performed by all participating students at the final meeting in May 2014 in Germany.

We also organised a run through Pullach for every student to take part. Pullach was overcrowded by nearly 1000 students who ran through the village to the main square. This action represented the comenius project as an organization which connects people in Europe. The run especially is a symbolic way to represent “the European family”. All people live and act together in their continent Europe whether they’re from Spain, France, Sweden, Germany or any other country. We wanted to show this connection publically, so we announced the event two weeks before in Pullach in newspapers, so as many locals would get informed about our project as possible. Europe was presented as a well connected and peaceful organization with a lot of people with potential and oppenness to other countries and customs. Besides the “political aims” in this run, we also had a lot of fun while running or walking together. This event brought people from different nationalities together. As in our case it is possible for young people to make new international friendships that last a long time.

image from comenius run in Germany

the first group of runners

image from comenius run in germany

You can find more information about the Sports & Movement topic here

January 2013:

The Sports & Movement group has started to make a timeline in France.
There we will compare big Sport events in each country so as “historical – Movements”.

During the week in May, in Pullach, a sports day was organised featuring various uncommon sports activities. If you are interested, please see the video below:

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