Maristes Champagnat


Our school belongs to a catholic religious order called Germans Maristes which means Marist Brothers founded in by Marcellin Champagnat in 1816. Our school is placed in Badalona where Marist Brothers have been teaching for one hundred and seven years.
According to the principles inspired by the Christian humanism, trying to offer the best quality education to young people from all the social classes, because the congregation wants to spread these humanist principles into all levels of the society.
So our goal is to get the best possible education for the greater part of the society. We are not elitist but we are demanding with ourselves and with our students, because we want to offer and to get the best possible education to the greater part of young people.
The school, as well as some other private schools –most of them, catholic–, has an agreement with the Catalan Government. According to this agreement, the Government pays a part of the price of every child or young education.


Our educational project, according to the Catalan/Spanish rules, is divided in two steps: elementary school and secondary school. We have two different buildings: one for the elementary education and another one for the secondary education.

Catalonia has the same educational system than other regions in Spain. It is divided into three compulsory steps: pre-school, elementary, secondary and post compulsory education. The first one is the pre-school education, from 3 to 5 years old. After that, we have elementary education, from 5 to 12 years old. Finally, the secondary education, from 12 to 16 years old. When students finish secondary education, they can decide if they want to keep on studying or start working. If they want to extend their studies, they can go for a vocational training or for post compulsory education or Bachillerato. Bachillerato lasts for two years and it is divided into Science, Technology, Social Sciences or Humanities. A student must specialize in one of the offered disciplines depending on which university program he or she wants to apply for. Students who successfully complete Bachillerato receive a diploma. In order to apply for University, students must take an entrance exam called PAU. They can also follow a vocational training program instead of studying at University.

Our city

Our school is placed in a big city called Badalona. Badalona belongs to Barcelona’s Metropolitan area and it is very well connected by the underground and bus lines. It is situated on the left bank of the small Besòs River and on the Mediterranean Sea, backed by the Serra de la Marina mountain range. Badalona is the third most-populated municipality in Catalonia after Barcelona and L”Hospitalet de Llobregat. It’s 10 km far from Barcelona. Our city was founded by the Romans in the 3rd century BC, its name was Beatulo. The current city was build around the old Roman city in the 10th century.

Places to visit

In Badalona you will find a lot of activities to do. You can visit the well-know distillery Anís del Mono, its liquor is exported around the world. You can enjoy the Roman heritage and the Museum of the city. It is very nice to stroll along the main promenade by the sea. You can also have a walk by the sea until the Petrol Bridge.


Les festes de Maig

The Festes de Maig are a bunch of activities that take place on May 11th. They pay homage to Sant Anastasi, the co-patron of the city. The events that you can follow are: traditional Catalan music, cultural activities, music, theatre… The Nit of Sant Anastasi is the main activity of Festes de Maig: you can join the burning of the devil and enjoy the fireworks in the beach. Every year the devil is different and it is designed by the children of Badalona.


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