Staatliches Otfried-Preussler-Gymnasium Pullach
scientific/technical and linguistic school
Hans-Keis-Str. 61
82049 Pullach

Phone: +49 (089) 749 753 – 0
Fax: +49 (089) 749 753 – 299

Headmaster: OStDin Renate Einzel-Bergmann


The Otfried-Preussler-Gymnasium Pullach

Foundation and Development

The Otfried-Preussler-Gymnasium Pullach was founded by Munich and Pullach on the 2nd of July in 1968.
On the 30th of May the official opening took place for the first students and they attended school there.
Today the Otfried-Preussler-Gymnsasium Pullach has 941 students, so the school had to extend the building in order to get more space. The new construction is connected to the old one with a bridge and was opened in September 2010.
There you can find lots of new classrooms, mainly for chemistry and physics. In the big canteen inside students can get drinks and warm meals.



The students have the possibility to choose between linguistics or natural science.
Every pupil has to attend the core subjects Mathematics, German, History and Geography and has to study at least two foreign languages.
That is why the school offers different foreign languages (English, French and Latin) and sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Informatics).

In order to get to know the working life, every student of the 10th grade has to make a two week internship at a company of his choice.
Furthermore the students attend beside the core subjects lessons in Music, Art, Physical and Religious Education.

Everyday school life

School starts at 8 o’clock and ends depending on which class you are between 13.00 o’clock – 17.00 o’clock. After the second and fourth lesson you have 15 minute break meanwhile the pupils can stay in the schoolhouse or spend their time in the schoolyard.
They have also the possibility to eat their ”second breakfast” at the cafeteria. At 1pm, before the afternoon sessions start, pupils have a 45 minute break in which they can eat their lunch at the canteen.

Extracurricular activities

Our school offers lots of activities. For example swimming in the swimming pool next to the school, bouldering, chess, musical group and much more.
You can also get social involved with activities like being a paramdeic or a tutor.
Every year in december there is a christmas market which is organised by the pupils.
The profit goes to a charity project.

Pullach discovers the world

Every grade has the possibility to do a trip.
The 5th grade goes to Regensburg, the 6th grade goes skiing in Austria.
The 8th grade goes to Austria as well, but to experience many adventures in the nature.
The 9th grade is spending some days in the Josefstal to improve the class community.
Apart from this the 9th and 10th grade have the opportunity to participate at a language stay in Brighton.
They can also attend an exchange to France to improve their language skills.


Munich is the beautiful capital of Bavaria located in the south of Germany.

Subdivided in many districts, Munich has a big pedestrian area in the city centre where you can go for long shopping tours.
But there are also many popular attractions like the town hall or the “Frauenkirche”, the town’s landmark.
Exhausted tourists and stressed natives are able to have a break and calm down in one of the numerous cafés which can be found at every corner of the city.
Culinary diversity is given at the “Viktualienmarkt”, a market where you can find every kind of food as well as local specialities.

The Marienplatz is in the centre of Munich.

In the middle ages it was used as a market place and also for important festivals.
Now it is the centre for tourism and shopping.
On the Marienplatz you can find the Mariensäule right in the middle. This is known as the column of St.Mary. At each corner you can find a putto. They symbolize the overcoming of war, hunger and diseases.
Moreover the square of the Marienplatz is dominated by the New Town Hall.
At 11,12 and 17 o clock you can watch the famous Glockenspiel every day. On top of the New Town Hall the figures are performing the Schäfflertanz, also known as coopers dance, which was danced to celebrate the end of the plague long ago.
Next to the New Town Hall there is also the Fischbrunnen in which you can throw money and the Old Town Hall, which was destroyed and then rebuilt.

A great museum in Munich is the Deutsches Museum.

You can find it at the Museumsinsel 1 and it is opened from 9-17 o’clock.
It was built in 1903 and opened in 1906.
This museum shows masterpieces of natural history and technology, but also important exponates from all countries.

Another great attraction in Munich is the “Oktoberfest” or so called in Germany “Wies’n”.

It is one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world’s largest fair, with more than 6 million people from around the world, attending the event every year.
It’s the place to be if you enjoy delicious German beer or beautiful girls and boys from Munich in their traditional costumes.
For two weeks you can join this great fun, which takes place at the “Theresienwiese”, with it’s fun rides, rollercoasters or big beer tents: The Oktoberfest is exciting for everyone.
You should join it soon!



General information


Pullach is a picturesque little town, located in the south of Munich in Bavaria.
It is in the most southern province Bavaria and the administrative district is Upper Bavaria/ Munich.
At the moment there live 8619 residents in Pullach.
There are three mayors, which are called Jürgen Westenthanner, Dr. Cornelius Braunewell and Eduard Floß.
The community of Pullach im Isartal is divided into five districts:

Gartenstadt, Großhesselohe, Isarbad, Höllriegelskreuth and Pullach.
It is situated near the river Isar and not very far away from the beautiful lake Starnberg.
On a bright sunny day, you can even see the summits of the Bavarian Alps in the distance.

[Germany Landscape]
[Germany Snow Landscape]

Schools in Pullach

Pullach is an attractive place to live for families with children because it offers a variety of schools.
For the little ones, there is the elementary school “Rabenschule”,
the older students can choose between a middle school “Josef Breher” and two grammar schools “Pater- Ruppert- Meyer “, “Staatliches Gymnasium Pullach”.

Accommodation facilities

Guests can stay in Pullach either in the Hotel “Seitnerhof”, or in in the castle “Burg Schwaneck”, which has been transformed into a youth hostel, or in Bavarian style in “Rabenwirt”; which has some rooms to offer.

Leisure activities

There are plenty of interesting places to go in and around Pullach.

For those who want to enjoy the beautiful countryside,
walking along the Isar is a good opportunity.
There are also a couple of beaches where people
can lie in the sun or jump into the water.
One of Munich’s most popular beer gardens is situated on the riverside
and has become a very attractive destination for those who love eating outside,
meeting friends and listening to live jazz music.


In- and outdoor pools as well as beach volleyball courts can be found in the public swimming pool, which is directly next to our grammar school.
If you feel hungry or need some ice-cream, go to Cafe Dolce on the market square, it is an Italian ice-cream parlour with plenty of tables to sit outside.
On Sunday, you can have a nice breakfast or brunch in the bar “Treibhaus”.

Its located next to some shops in the centre of Pullach.
At the evening there’s the opportunity to have some drinks or a snack at this location, too.
If you want to get to know the nightlife of Munich or just want to buy some souvenirs, just take the train (S7 direction centre station) to the city center.
You can find shops, malls and traditional markets, such as the “Viktualien Markt”. Apart from that, there are many pubs, restaurants and clubs to enjoy yourself.

“SV- Pullach” is the sports club in Pullach, which offers a wide range of activities, such as badminton, basketball, soccer, swimming, hiking, cycling, gymnastics, handball, volleyball, table tennis, skiing and athletic sports.



The community of Pullach always tries to remain in good standing with other countries.

There has been a partnership to the French city Paulliac since 1964, which is kept up by plenty of activities, such as the “Französisches Freundschaftsfest” or the exchange program with Pauillac.
Apart from that, Pullach is a twin town of Rajon Baryschiwka (Баришівка) and Beresan in Ukraine.
Since the start of the Comenius project, Pullach is very proud of being a twin city of Karlstad in Sweden and Badalona in Spain.

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