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The French school has added the following page concerning the Comenius Project to their Homepage:

The German School is developing a page like this one, too.

Revue de presse projet

Avril 2013 Article le journal du Médoc

Lycées général, technologique et professionnel d’Odilon Redon.
rue du Maquis des Oudides
Web site:

A specific web page was created to explain the project and the main outputs in French.
If you are interested in learning more about it and practice your French …

Foundation :
The school was named after Odilon Redon (picture below)who was a French symbolist painter, printmaker, draughtsman and pastellist, born on April the 20, 1840 and he died on July the 6, 1916. He also lived in Bordeaux which is why the school is called that.

An “dynamic” exhibition was organized in June 2013 to present this artist and some of his paintings. A prezi was made to communicate about his biography and a website was created to summarize all the contents of this exhibition.

Our school offers three different kinds of schools within it:
• Lycée Professionel: A professional school where students learn pratical skills, such as how to be a mechanic, cook, secretary or a cleaning woman…etc
• Lycée Technologique: A technological school where students learn how to become a business man, how to work in a company, or how to be a computer engineer…etc
• Lycée Général: A general school in which one, you can study sciences, economy, literature if you want to go to university and to do long studies.

Everyday School Life:

Classes begin at 8:00 am and finish at 5:30 pm almost everyday. Classes each day are different, but for every week during the school year you have the same schedule.

During break times, pupils can go to the MDL (Maison des lycéens: Pupils’place) and practise music and play snooker, table football…

Our City (Pauillac):

Pauillac is part of the Gironde, a county of our Region “Aquitaine”. Here, the weather is clement the whole year. With its 250 kms of ocean coastline, Aquitaine has one of the biggest beaches of fine sands in Europe.

Pauillac is 52 km from Bordeaux, it is one of the famous cities of Aquitaine .It is close to the Atlantic Ocean , more specifically close to some very famous beaches such as Lacanau, Vendays Montalivet …

The city of Pauillac has been twinned to the German city of Pullach since 1954 which explains the strong relationships which exist between our school Odilon Redon and the German school of the Comenius project.

The city is famous for wine. There are lots of chateaux dedicated to wine. You may see three of them below

Created in 1984 by a group of passionate marathon fans, the marathon nicknamed the “Medoc” has become a must for many marathon runners over the years. The “Medoc” is a marathon you just must have run like New York, London or Paris. This success does of course lead to problems with the number of runners allowed to run the race. The race is deliberately limited to 8,500 participants and despite everything, it has managed to preserve the spirit of the founders built on 4 fundamental pillars that are inseparable: Health – Sport – Conviviality – Fun.

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