Newsletter #1

This is the first newsletter about the Comenius project. Be sure to read it and to comment on it if you like. More of this kind are sure to come very soon. The charge of this newsletter will be the Badalonian school of this project. Enjoy!

German students have already made the Kickoff event. You can see some pictures and read about it in our Comenius webpage. They have already made a questionnaire with some questions dealing with our Comenius project. All students will fill them in and we will discuss about the results in Pauillac.

French students and teachers are preparing our meeting. They have sent some records to show us French literature. We think they are great and we are looking forward to listening to other countries records.
Moreover they have told us who is going to host us and we are in contact with them.

The Swedish people are working on April’s meeting. They have built our project’s webpage. It is really interesting to see how each country is working.

We did a students’ selection to decide who will participate in the Comenius Project. We shot a video to show Badalona and the best video was selected to represent our city in the project. Finally we have taken some photos to represent Badalona’s nature.

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