Our project: “Networks Uniting Europe”

The title of our project is ”Networks uniting Europe’; by this we would like to show that European countries are connected with each other in different ways and thus are able to achieve various results. Our final aim will be the creation of a Comenius-homepage which will represent our own ”Network” and which we will develop and fill throughout the two years the project will last. In order to collect information about the different networks each school will analyze how the countries in Europe are connected on the basis of one of the following topics:

Germany: Sports/Movement (Also in a figurative sense)

France (Lycée professionnel): Language/Literature

France (Lycée général): Work/Education

Sweden: Nature/Environment

Spain: Media

Each school will work on its topic and is going to prepare workshops they will present to the others during the visit in their country. To make sure that the countries cooperate and that all the topics are linked to each other, every country will also contribute to the other countries” topic.
The swedish school will e.g. prepare workshops concerning their topic nature and environment. In order to prove that all the topics are connected, Germany will show the relationship between ”Environment” and their own topic, ”Sport/ Movement”, by presenting the dangers of alpine sports to nature.
France will talk about job opportunities in the environmental sector, the second french school will prepare something about Selma Lagerlöf (a famous swedish author) and various french authors whose works also deal with nature.
Finally Spain will show the impact that the use of paper in the press has on nature.The progress of each school”s work during the two years as well as the results of the meetings will be published on the project”s website.

As the European Union is growing together more and more, especially in the last decades, a lot of several networks have been built up or have established themselves. These extend from e.g. environmental issues, economy and trade to political cooperation within the E.U. up to the cultural and the entertainment genre, such as literature, theatre, music and , not to forget, the influence of the media on the different sectors.

During this Comenius we want to do a comparative study – and find out how the topics mentioned above are treated (probably differently) in the participating countries. Thus it is absolutely necessary to work not only locally, but also in a larger field, such as the European countries, to make sure that our results are valid and representative. Besides, as the European thought keeps developping and getting more and more relevant and important, it is indispensable and essential that our pupils learn to think globally and broaden their horizon.

Furthermore all of these topics mentioned above are linked to each other by new modern technologies and networks. We want to prove this by including them all into our own network, the Comenius website that we will be continously be working on throughout the two years and which will steadily be developped and completed.
This Comenius-Project wants to state different sides of Networks across entire Europe as well as investigate their function for the European coherence with a website, where all recent result can always be retrieved. Thus, this Comenius-Project idea will not only promote the international understanding between several countries in the EU, but will also show the pupils precise information about other peoples’ morals and manners, mentality and their regional problems (economic crisis, crime,…) in order to make them learn something out of other countries” mistakes and efforts.

Furthermore, not to forget, the students exchange between the partners is a unique chance for the pupils to get to know several countries in a certain period of time; they will make valuable experiences and will also inform their personal surroundings about all the aspects dealt with.

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