Kick Off Event in Germany

On the 24th of October the Kick-Off Event of the Comenius project took place at the Gymnasium Pullach.
The purpose of this event was to inform the citizens of Munich and Pullach about our participation and to give them an overview of our Comenius project.
Among many interested students, parents and other people there were three local politicians from different parties and the deputy mayor of Pullach as well as the press to listen to the presentations.

After a short but cordial reception the students opened the evening with a little sketch to attract the audience’s attention and to show the networks which unite Europe.

Afterwards our headmistress Mrs. Einzel-Bergmann delivered a speech, in which she expressed her pride to be a part of this project and that she wished all the best to the participants for the next two years. The deputy mayor also paid his tribute to the school.
At last Mrs. Kokos and Mr. Stellwag said a few words and thanked everybody who helped the school to become part of this project and especially those who helped organizing this event.

Moreover, some presentations about Comenius in general, the schools, our topic and some expectations followed, always shown by students who were involved in the project. After each talk the school band played a song which represented one of the participating countries.

Altogether it was an enjoyable evening that ended with the European hymn, sung by all students and teachers who organized this great event and a buffet with typical food from each country.

Here is, what the German Press wrote about our event:

Click here to download, what the German Press (Merkur) wrote about our Kick Off Event in Pullach (PDF-Document)

These are the pupils from Germany who were responsible for the Kick Off Event and who are currently working on the Comenius Project.

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